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The 2018 Menards Chevy Show Series features a tremendous amount of excitement that will help the series grow into one of the top annual automotive enthusiast shows in the country.

The Midway is strategically centered at each event to make it accessible to fans and participants from any part of the show. This enables participating sponsors, vendors and manufacturers to market and sell directly to consumers who are ready, willing and able to buy products and services at the events.

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Menards Chevy Show
Midway Display Contents

A. Contract
B. Payment Methods
C. Display Space Assignment, Set-Up and Teardown
D. Confirmation, Credentials and Parking
E. Display Space Regulations
F. Operation and Conduct
G. Exclusive Apparel Sales
H. Security and Insurance
I. Indemnity
J. Taxes and Permits
K. Rules and Regulations
L. Trademarks
M. Sponsor Exclusive Contracts
N. Art & Collectible Vendors

Midway space reservations will not be accepted without a signed agreement

The following guidelines apply to any and all Menards Chevy Show events, and may be amended or updated at any time.

A. Contract: Click HERE to download the 2017 Space Rental Agreement and Vendor Guidelines to reserve display space on the Menards Chevy Show Midway. Form must be filled out the agreement completely and returned by email or by fax to the contact information listed on the downloaded form.  Payment by credit card or company check will be arranged through:

Forward Sports Marketing
4041 NE Lakewood Way, Suite 260
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064
OFFICE: (816) 246-8866
FAX: (816) 817-1011

B. Payment Methods: Reservation for display space at any of the 2018 Menards Chevy Shows requires completion of the Space Rental Agreement and full payment Thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event. Methods of payment: Company Check or Credit Card.

C. Display Space Assignment, Set-Up and Teardown:  The Midway Coordinator will assign Vendor display space. Vendors will gain access at each location on Thursday or Friday depending on the specific event schedule. Vendors will receive a confirmation letter that will provide additional details 7 – 10 days prior to the event. Display space assignments will be assigned in order of receipt of your signed agreement and required payment. Assignments will be made using the following priority: 1) Sponsors; 2) Vendor pre-registered and paid in full for multiple events; 3) Vendors pre-registered and paid in full for a single event.  We will work diligently to position vendors with special requests. However, contracts must be finalized as soon as possible to ensure proper placement. Display set-up needs to be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the designated set-up day. If an unforeseen circumstance arises such as vehicle break down, weather, etc. – display should be set-up no later than 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Teardown and dismantling displays will not commence until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening unless instructed otherwise by the Midway Coordinator. If you require your display rig to remain on site until Monday morning, please make request known to the Midway Coordinator.

D. Confirmation, Credentials and Parking:  Credentials will be issued on set-up day upon arrival, verification of payment, and the signing of the waiver and release form.  Weekend credentials for workers in vendor displays on the Midway will be provided based on the amount of display space frontage rented as follows:

10 to 30 feet = Four (4) Credentials, plus two (2) Parking Passes
40 to 60 feet = Six (6) Credentials, plus three (3) Parking Passes
70 feet and above = Eight (8) Credentials and four (4) Parking passes

E. Display Space Regulations:   Spaces are traditionally 30’ in depth at most facilities. Please note that there may be some facilities that have less than 30’ depth.  Sponsors and vendors are required to maintain their own display in a professional and neat manner in order to provide a buyer-friendly shopping environment. If a trailer is to be used for display purposes or merchandise storage, sufficient display space must be purchased to accommodate the trailer within the assigned space. If a vehicle is to be part of the display, sufficient space must be purchased to accommodate that, as well. All display elements must fit within the assigned space, and must not encroach upon the neighboring display space or into any walkways. Handicapped parking accommodations can be requested through the Marketplace Coordinator. Display areas: All events produced by Manufacturers Series, LLC are held outdoors. The set-up, teardown and maintenance of all display elements are the responsibility of the sponsor or vendor. Use of floor coverings, awnings and tents are permitted. Signs, railings, fencing and other decorative materials are permitted as long as they remain within the contracted space and do not encroach upon neighboring display space or walkways. Display vehicles are permitted, but should be in place prior to 8:00 a.m. and may not be driven into or out of the Midway during show hours. Sponsors and vendors are responsible for their own equipment rental, and may contact the host track to find out who the preferred supplier is at their facility. Tents: Pole staking is not allowed unless specifically permitted in writing by the host track. If staking is allowed, sponsors and vendors are required to fill holes with proper patching material. Weather: It is the responsibility of the sponsor and vendor to secure their display elements against wind and storms and to create a safe environment for spectators in and around your display space. Manufacturers Series, LLC is not responsible for damage to displays or merchandise due to inclement weather. Fire Code: It is the responsibility of the sponsor and vendor to insure that display elements meet local fire codes, as well as to provide documentation of their acceptability and conformity. Fire ordinances require that fire extinguishers and “NO SMOKING” signs be visible within your display area. Fire personnel at many venues inspect display areas for violations. Signage: All displays must clearly be identified with the name of the vendor and/or the company represented by the vendor. No sponsor or vendor is permitted to erect signs or display merchandise in such a manner as to obstruct the view, occasion injury or adversely affect the displays of other sponsors or vendors. No sponsor or vendor is permitted to erect any type of signage outside of the display space, anywhere on the event site or outside the site. Any signage, including inflatable devices should remain within your display area. All unauthorized signage will be removed. Dress Code: Sponsors, vendors and their staff are expected to dress tastefully and business like, in apparel bearing their logo’s name or identification, during show hours. This enables potential customers to seek out the proper person who can answer questions or assist with products and services offered. Manufacturers Series, LLC promotes a family atmosphere at all of the Menards Chevy Show events. All professional and/or amateur models used to promote a business, distribute literature or giveaway items must be dressed in a tasteful manner appropriate for spectators of all ages. Manufacturers Series, LLC reserves the right to approve or disapprove of any mode of dress. Those deemed inappropriate will be asked to either change to more appropriate attire or leave the premises. Alcoholic Beverages: Use of alcoholic beverages by sponsors and vendors, including their workers and other representatives, within any display space during show hours is strictly prohibited. Electrical Service: Electricity needed for a display is the responsibility of sponsors and vendors, not the host track. If a host track has available electricity, it may charge for that service. Manufacturers Series, LLC is not responsible for providing electrical service within a display space. It is strongly recommended that a portable or self-contained generator be used for any electrical needs. Vehicles: Due to insurance regulations, pit vehicles (golf carts, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates, etc.) will not be permitted in the Midway. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate anything with wheels within the entire confines of the event. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the vehicle being confiscated until the end of the event. Sponsors and vendors that wish to participate in the race program and also display their vehicle within their display space will need to notify Forward Sports Marketing in order to make special arrangements and pre-plan placement. Vehicles cannot run under power and will need to be pushed to and from the staging lanes.

F. Operation and Conduct: Manufacturers Series, LLC reserves the right to cancel any contract, at any time before, during, or after any Menards Chevy Show event, for action or behavior which is deemed objectionable to the well being of the event(s). This reservation includes, persons, things, conduct, printed material, poor business ethics, or any other things that infringe upon their ability to conduct a fair and wholesome event. The displaying and selling of any and all merchandise deemed to be in poor taste or unsuitable for the audience, or for the business environment of our sponsors and vendors, is strictly prohibited. This includes merchandise and material that contain profanity, lewdness, and sexual or racial overtones, partial or complete nudity. All merchandise or products on display or for sales are subject to the approval of Manufacturers Series, LLC All decisions are final. Any handouts to include promotional material, literature, giveaway, or souvenir items are subject to approval by Manufacturers Series, LLC. It is the intent of Manufacturers Series, LLC to provide a suitable environment for family members of all ages at all Menards Chevy Shows. Manufacturers Series, LLC, except at its own discretion, will not be liable for refunding any fees associated with attendance at that event for violators who are evicted, asked to leave or escorted from the premises.

G. Exclusive Apparel Sales:  The Menards Chevy Show has an exclusive merchandise agreement with Green Mountain Monogram for apparel sales at all series events during the 2016 season.  No midway vendor or sponsor is allowed to sell hats, shirts, or any other form of apparel without permission from Manufacturers Series, LLC; or Forward Sports Marketing in writing.  Manufacturers Series, LLC reserves the right to have a vendor or sponsor remove any competing merchandise items with Green Mountain Monogram.

H. Security / Insurance: Each host track provides security for its overall facility from set-up day through the official conclusion of the event. Sponsors or vendors may hire additional security for their own displays by contacting the host track four (4) weeks prior to the event. Manufacturers Series, LLC is not liable for loss or damage to the property of the sponsor or vendor. Insurance against such loss is the responsibility of the sponsor or vendor. Sponsors and vendors should secure all items that could be stolen or damaged while your display is unattended. Manufacturers Series, LLC is not liable for any damage resulting from weather conditions.  All vendors and sponsors should also provide or be prepared to provide a certificate of insurance upon request from Manufacturers Series, LLC.

I. Indemnity: Manufacturers Series, LLC including its employees, sponsors or agents, or their representatives, shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage by any vendor, their employees or property. The sponsor or vendor, by execution of this contract, expressly releases Manufacturers Series, LLC, its parties, employees and individuals from all claims for such loss, damage or injury. Any and all restrictions and/or levies enforced or imposed by the event site management must be observed by the sponsor and vendor. Manufacturers Series, LLC, its staff, or participating sponsors, assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever in matters related to such restrictions and/or levies imposed on a vendor. Sponsors utilizing display space in the Midway are subject to the same restrictions as any other vendor, unless specifically outlined in their sponsorship agreement with Manufacturers Series, LLC.

J. Taxes and Permits: Sponsor and vendors are responsible for any and all taxes and permits associated with doing business in the Midway at any Menards Chevy Show. This includes, but is not exclusive to local, county or state taxes. Some state and local officials require Manufacturers Series, LLC to distribute sales tax forms to each sponsor or vendor with a display in the Midway; these include, but are not limited to: California, Florida, Tennessee and Virginia. It is then the responsibility of the sponsor or vendor to accurately report required tax information, in compliance with any and all states, counties, and municipalities where Manufacturers Series, LLC events are held.

K. Rules and Regulations: By execution of this contract, sponsors and vendors agree to conform to and abide by all rules and regulations in effect at any event site where a Menards Chevy Show event is held. This will include local, city, county, state and federal laws and relates to, but is not limited to, any laws or ordinances that apply to fire, building or safety codes and copyrights or trademarks.

L. Trademarks: Certain names, trademarks, logos and/or copyrights are the property of, or are licensed to, Manufacturers Series, LLC  and may not reproduced in any manner, or used on any merchandise, souvenir item or apparel, without expressed written permission from Manufacturers Series, LLC. Exclusive rights to the following words or phrases, as well as their derivatives and similarities, pertaining to any automotive special event, or its likeness, are the property of Manufacturers Series, LLC and may not be used without its written permission:  Manufacturers Series, LLC; Menards Chevy Show; menardschevyshow.com

M. Sponsorship and Exclusive Contracts: Manufacturers Series, LLC will continue to update a list on menardschevyshow.com of series sponsors that have the sole exclusive rights to marketing and sales of designated products at Menards Chevy Show events. These Exclusive Agreements will affect items to be sold and services, etc. Please read carefully. Any vendor that does not regard exclusive agreements will be asked to leave the event and no refund will be provided.   Other unauthorized products include any concession items, such as food or beverages. If you are interested in selling concessions, please contact the individual track at which you are interested in attending.

N. Art & Collectible Vendors: This area is for companies who have die cast collectible cars, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, toys, artwork, jewelry, etc. This DOES NOT include: hats, t-shirts, jackets, umbrellas, ear plugs, sunglasses, chairs, new and used automotive parts, etc. Notify Forward Sports Marketing in writing by fax or e-mail of intended inventory of items to be sold through your booth.